The truth unfolds at Hillsong Conference, 2013

I’m beginning to think that the reason I’ve flown over 8,000 miles to pursue an education has nothing to do with University. It has nothing to do with a degree, academia, or the alma mater. Yes, I am enrolled to complete my degree in communications, but I don’t think it’s a big enough reason for me to have ended up down under, quite effortlessly might I add. It seems that God has had His own agenda this whole time. I guess to understand what I’m saying, will have to go backwards a bit, let’s call this my Jesus timeline.

1990 – 2010: I was raised a believer in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

2011: Nomad, along with doubt doubt doubt doubt and some more doubt.

Late 2011 – 2013: I discovered the greatest place on earth, the Bridge Community Church in Markham.

2013 – Present:  only now has my journey as a Christian truly begun, and I know it has everything to do with Australia.

I guess I’ve always been one to ask too many questions, or whose suspicious curiosity always proceeded blind faith. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just true for me and how I go about my faith. So it seemed that my years of debate and uncertainty would find rest in a place where I had no one to share with, only my own solitude. While I made plans to pursue a shiny degree which would provide an even shinier career, God had His own plans for me.

By absolute chance, about a month after I arrived in Australia, I found myself attending the Hillsong annual Conference, one of the largest Christian conferences in the world. I’ve always took part in worship throughout my life, whether it was in a church setting or a morning walk on the beach. But I think my communication with God was always one way. I was always asking, thanking, praising; never fully understanding the way of the heart, and the silence required in awaiting a response. The theme of the conference was “glorious ruins.” I have listened to my fair share of sermons in this life, but I was never struck like I was on that night. I’ve never acknowledged my brokenness to God, my personal ruin if you will, until that evening.

Jesus, who left behind God’s Glory to face death, became ruined Glory. But death couldn’t hold Him, and rather than continuing to be ruined glory, Jesus became glorious ruins. And just as He resurrected Himself from the dead, He too can save me from my own ruin. I now find myself thinking “let the ruins come to life” whenever I am discouraged on this never ending battle with the world. My journey with Christ hasn’t been a smooth one, it’s been quite messy actually.  But now I know that as long as I am able to acknowledge this point of my ruins, he will always bring them back to life, and the rest is history. I’ll be posting more on my walk with Christ in the land down under, but for now this will do.



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