Homey /ˈhəʊmi/ adjective: A place or surroundings comfortable and cosy.

If you think yourself a dear friend of mine, you have been invited to my home at one point or another. If you haven’t, I’d say try harder… you’ll get the invite soon enough! LOL anyway, it’s true that I’m always inviting people over, and if you’re one of those people you know that my room is always BADASS! My amigos in Canada know my walls to be covered in posters bearing images of Joy Division, The Beatles, Manchester United and Muse. Also, photos of people I love are absolutely everywhere, along with some random things like tacky silver tinsel. Point is, I make sure to make it comfortable, or I truly cannot sleep in it!

Being a zillion (8000 in reality) miles away from home, it’s funny to think that my room is more homey than ever. With the help of 200 photos, a few quotes, and a london telephone booth poster (Ebay win!), my room once again looks badass. Though I’m missing my “Love will tear us apart” poster, I’ve managed to make this place feel like home. If you’re studying away from home, I encourage you to take a day and just go for it. Write out a few of your favourite quotes in 18pt font, print photos of good times and good people, get some colorful sheets and be purposeful in your placement of things. My first month here, my room looked like a jail cell. Bare walls, ugly blue sheets and nothing but my purple suitcases to add colour. The struggle was real! Ok enough talk, here are some pics:

Here are the quotes I designed:

And here’s how I integrated them (not the awesome/cluttered cork board):


Photo wall +  Badass poster + Awesome sheets:



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