Facebook Cover Explained


Hey beautiful people! If we’re Facebook friends, you may have seen my recent switch to an artsy-rebel-without-a-cause cover photo. I know what you’re thinking, ‘here she goes again with her photoshop’ ‘she really doesn’t look like that in real life’, but secretly you’re thinking ‘it looks pretty awesome’ and ‘I wish I had her mad skills’. Blah.

Well, the change was inspired by the themes in this blog, if you couldn’t figure that one out for yourself. The reason for the change has everything to do with my mood at the moment. I’ve been in Australia for just over 8 months now, and only recently have I truly begun enjoying it. I’m even considering staying here after I’ve graduated, but that’s another post all together so I shall get to the point. Right now, I’m loving life. It’s more of a spiritual thing than it is physical, the language of the soul if you must. I’ve gotten to this point thanks to some incredible people that have stumbled into my life, a few books, and the wonderful gift of solitude, which I originally misjudged for loneliness.

The quote in the photo is taken from One Hundred Years of Solitude, “She had that rare virtue of never existing except for that opportune moment”. Marquez sums up exactly how I’m feeling at the moment, in one of the most beautiful sentences I’ve ever read. My journey from Canada to Australia (ergo the silhouettes) has told this about me, and it seems as though now is my opportune moment.

Okay that makes sense, but what’s with the crown? That one’s for the haters. #wink


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