Fasting & Fundraising


Hello Wonderful People,

I hope you’re keeping well! If we’re Facebook friends, you’ve probably been avoiding me like the plague this past week. It’s true, I’ve taken part in the cringe inducing practice of fundraising amongst family and friends. For years, I’ve watched my mother do this for a Sudanese non-profit called “Ekhwaat El-Rub,” and it always made me uncomfortable. Looking back, I really don’t know how she did it; all the phone calls, door to door visiting, pestering, if you will. But now I understand. If it’s a cause you’re passionate about, you’ll go to any lengths to reach your fundraising goal.

Thanks to social media, most of you know that I’m working with a non-profit organization called Ukulapha in South Africa. If you want to find out more about the work I’m doing, check out this post, or even this one. Essentially, the organization I work with engages and supports disadvantaged communities through education and community development, ergo, my cause.


Since Saturday, I’ve been taking part in VIDEA’s Global Solidarity Challenge. Everyday, I’ve been skipping out on breakfast, lunch and liquids until 6pm to show solidarity with my brothers and sisters worldwide. It’s no secret that malnutrition affects school performance, yet so many students show up to school everyday without packed lunches… sit in over-crowded classrooms with little resources, and walk miles just to get an education.

I chose to fast until 6pm because that’s usually when I have dinner, standing in solidarity with all the students worldwide who live on one meal a day but are still expected to perform in school. These past 5 days have been a testament to the harsh realities of under-performance in school as a result of malnutrition. I have showed up everyday without energy. I have struggled to focus on my work. The weather has greatly taken a toll on my body. I’ve gone home from work feeling lethargic. I’ve been having migraines every evening from dehydration. Having said this, my goal has been to raise only $250 dollars which will go toward VIDEA’s sustainable projects and partners in Southern Africa, Ukulapha being one of them. I know that many of my friends are students, paying off student debts, or just in a rough place financially. But often times, we find ourselves spending on unnecessary things… so if your pockets are jingling with leftover change, or you feel like giving up your coffee to join me in solidarity, please donate it here to help me raise funds for education.

My awesome father and my remarkable sisters (Marrian Kamel, Verena Rizg and Canisia Lubrin) have all joined me in solidarity with the learners that show up to school everyday no matter their circumstance by taking part in the challenge with me. You too can support me by donating and helping me reach my fundraising goal! It may be uncomfortable on my part to ask, but after taking part in this challenge for 5 days I realize that discomfort is sometimes necessary.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support, your encouragement has kept me going this week.

You can donate here:

Love, R


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